BARBARA SNETHEN Experienced Corporate Counsel




"A seasoned business attorney with a passion for law, making it work for people" is more than just a tag line for Barbara. She loves working as an attorney because her efforts help people solve problems, accomplish their goals, comply with the law, and understand the legal ramifications of contracts, regulations and laws that affect their lives. She takes pride in providing timely and targeted advice that allows her clients to breathe easier and refocus on the rest of their lives.

Barbara is an experienced legal professional having worked in private practice, government agencies and corporate legal departments. Her legal background includes contracts, vendor management, technology agreements, intellectual property, employment issues and agreements,financial documents, real estate transactions, secured transactions, leasing, bankruptcy, loan processing, corporate law and other forms of business enterprise.

The thing that sets Barbara apart from others is the breadth of her legal experience combined with her abilities as a calm, logical counselor, a strong advocate under adverse conditions and a trusted business partner. She is a seasoned business attorney - and a lot more.


  • Business Transaction Facilitator
  • Complex Contract Preparer
  • Corporate Contributor
  • Proactive Professional


    "A seasoned business attorney with a passion for law and making it work for people."

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