A success story is when someone in our group lands a job. (Yeah!)

Check back here again, as successes are great to read and often contagious.

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CAROL GUTERMAN - Human Resources Professional

Networking, emphasizing transferable skills, and moving outside her comfort zone allowed Carol to transition to a rewarding opportunity in a non-profit organization providing services to the homeless.

Carol's advice to job seekers:
"DONíT give up; your job is out there. Donít take rejection personally; there was likely someone more qualified or a better fit with the organization. Accept it and move on. DO accept the realities of the job market and the current demand for your skills. Expand your search to include jobs youíve done in the past, as well as jobs youíve never done before. Before you interview, make sure you are clear as to why you want the job and what you have to offer, and then tell a compelling story."

SARA RUDY - Senior Administrative Analyst

An innovative job search, never ending positive attitude and keeping every door open has led Sara to an exciting new opportunity in the Banking Industry starting July 2011.

Saraís advice to job seekers:
"Be creative in your job search and continue to reevaluate yourself, and be willing to incorporate new techniques, ideas and strategies in order to be successful in landing your next position. Volunteer in your community, childrenís school/extracurricular activities and/or place of worship. This experience not only broadens your network and experience, but also keeps your time filled with positive activities. It also allows you to share current stories/accomplishments with prospective employers. Having a supportive networking team to check in with on a weekly basis is invaluable. Do not ever give up on your job search or yourself and stay positive no matter how hard it may seem from day to day. You canít get where you need to be if you donít keep trying to get there!!"

MARTY WELLS - Sales Professional

A focus on continuous learning and a desire to keep skills fresh has lead Marty to an opportunity to apply his deep corporate experience in a promising start-up environment.

Marty's advice to job seekers:
"Think strategically about career choices. Find opportunities to apply skills youíve not used in a while to ensure you are up-to-date on how that work has evolved since you last did the job."

MARK MIZUHARA - General Manager

Successful networking and willingness to believe that something fantastic is awaiting your new career destiny. This belief has led Mark to a new position with a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for older adults by offering senior retirement communities and community services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mendocino County.

Mark's advice to job seekers:
"Find a networking group with great people to help with your job search. You will learn a lot from the other members of the team. Most importantly... never give up or settle for something you do not want to do!"

MARILYN HESTER - Sales Executive

Perseverance and expanding her search to new industries has led Marilyn to a Sales Enablement position starting May 2011.

Marilyn's advice to job seekers:
"Find a compatible networking group to help with your job search. Other candidates in career transition are valuable resources that can assist with skill development, uncovering leads, and supporting one another. There are creative, talented individuals out there who are in the same position as you. Don't hesitate to develop your network beyond former work connections and you may be lucky enough to form friendships that last beyond your transition!"

JOE FALCONE - Sales Professional

Keeping track of all his leads, having patience and staying positive has landed Joe back in the industry he knows very well. Beginning month end April 2011, Joe will be the District Sales Manager at JVC America Professional Video Products Division.

Joe's advice to job seekers:
"Being a part of a great networking team was key to my success in landing a job. They gave me extra confidence and would help me in a blink to prepare for interview. Also, I believe putting myself out there helped, as you need to stand above the rest."

LIZ SALCIDO-VARGAS - Program Management & Sales Support

Successful networking, job search preparedness, and willingness to think 'outside-the-box' has led Liz to a new Program Management position in a new industry starting month end March 2011!

Liz's advice to job seekers:
"Focus on your capabilities and transferable skills; don't forget to let your personality sell the benefits you will bring to the company as you share your previous successes."

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